Denise's Delightful Dookers Ferret Rescue is in Auburn, Washington. DDDFR is a no-kill ferret rescue that is dedicated to helping ferrets and educating the public in the proper care and treatment of ferrets so that the "dookers" will have a forever home with their humans.

Alfred, our mascot

About Denise, the Ferret Lady

I have always loved animals. My father shared that wonderful gift with me. I got to ride a Galapagos tortoise at Reptile Gardens in South Dakota, hug a Siberian tiger named "Popeye", owned a 12" goldfish named "Shylee", had turtles, tortoises, lizards, guinea pigs, dogs, cats, rats, hamsters, duprasis, dwarf hamsters, ball python, chickens, pigs, cows, and mice (a family of mice adopted me and lived in my room when I was a teenager ...until my dad found out...ewww).

Now I have 3 children with families of their own. My oldest daughter, Reesia, is an “at home mommy” and her husband, Adam, lays flooring and together they are parents to Ella, Alex, Sophia, Cole & Jake and foster parents to a 4 yr old girl. My son, Wil, is a computer tech for a company in Bellevue and his wife, Andrea, is a teacher for the Auburn School District and they have a daughter, Morgan. My youngest, Crystal, has a son, Kayden. My husband of 36 years passed away November 2008. I miss him dearly and his encouraging words. He was my best friend and confidante. He believed in and supported me with the ferret shelter work.I still have a lot to be thankful for: Precious children and their spouses, 7 wonderful "grandchildren" + 1 foster grandchild, special friends, Maugwy & Kayro (Chihuahuas), a shelter with precious ferrets, and wonderful willing volunteers that are the foundation of the rescue. I am blessed.

I am blessed.

The Ferret Lady - My Introduction to Ferrets

I was introduced to ferrets in 1985 or 1986, because our friends had 3 and I really enjoyed them, but knew nothing about caring for them. In 2002 I hit the floor learning about the care of ferrets because "Jaws" (alias-Dolly) came to my house. She was a D.E.W. (Dark Eyed White) and deaf. My son's neighbor was going to release her into the wild because they didn't want her around their 1 year old ("Jaws" had been passed from relative to relative). She had been kicked, hit and scared so badly that she "BIT" and bit hard...all the way to the bone when I picked her up. She was so terrified. They didn't know she was deaf and just thought she was a bad, unruly ferret (no such thing, just uneducated humans). When I took her in I was told that in maybe a year or two she might become trusting enough not to bite. She became a loving challenge and 7 (seven) months later I could pick her up, hug her, tickle her tummy and she initiated chase around the room doing the weasel war dance. She also showed me what the dance of joy was. At that point I knew more would come. I couldn't say no. My heart had been lovingly captured by these wonderfully fun and loving creatures.

I started working at Oliver's Pet Shop in Auburn 1 month after "Jaws" came into my life. I read books, called veterinarians, and talked with people who had worked with ferret rescues for years. I learned more about ferrets and even more about people while working at the Pet Shop. People would come in -- donate their ferrets because they couldn't keep them, leave them on Oliver's Pet Shop doorstep or bring in ferrets abused by others. I took home the ferrets that had physical problems or that were not handling the transition well--loved and nursed them back to health (what a learning process!!).

Part of that learning process showed me that all ferrets have different personalities, however I feel that all ferrets are a combination of a puppy, a kitty and 2 (not one) 2-year olds. They're independent, dependent, smart little scamps that get into everything over and over again due to curiosity and just having fun. The really neat thing is that they love you unconditionally.♥♥♥