Some of our happy campers at Camp Dookers!

DDDFR Offers Ferret Boarding Services!

Going away on a vacation or taking a business trip? Concerned about leaving your ferrets with someone who will understand their special needs?
Many veterinary hospitals and pet boarding facilities are willing to board ferrets but it may not be the ideal place for your ferret to be. Most multi-pet boarding facilities do not have safe areas in which your ferret can get daily exercise and are likely to remain in a cage for the duration of his stay. Furthermore, most boarding facilities are not specifically trained to understand the needs of ferrets and may not notice if your ferret is feeling a little under the weather until it becomes serious enough to require medical intervention. We at Denise's Delighful Dookers are experienced with ferret illnesses and understand the subtle changes in health and behavior, such as depression or weight loss, both of which can usually be managed with supportive care and extra TLC. We also understand and look for symptoms of more serious illnesses such as adrenal disease and insulinoma and will be brought to the owners attention (if not life threatening) or taken to emergency if it becomes necessary.

Denise's Delightful Dookers offers short and long-term boarding for ferrets at our own home based shelter. Ferrets are given daily exercise outside their cage, are fed the same food they receive at home and are treated like personal pets. We can also administer daily medication. They also have their own stereo AM/FM CD player (ok, cheap boombox - it's not surround sound but it works). We take requests from our camp visitors which include country, oldies, classic rock and roll, soft rock and classical. Did I mention classical & soft jazz?
Our rates are also lower than most if not all other boarding facilities and veterinary hospitals as we recognize that it can be difficult to find an experienced caregiver at a reasonable cost.