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Considering Getting a Ferret?

Q: Does your life lack chaos?
A: No A: Yes! Behavior Food
They are obligate carnivores, and require a meat-based diet ideally with no carbohydrates. If they are fed kibble, it should be a high quality kibble with as much meat protein as possible. They have a high metabolism and should generally have access to food at all times. Meat based treats are recommended.

Ferrets are intelligent, as carnivores they are capable of problem solving and will get bored without stimulation. They love new experiences, but will quickly get bored with just about anything.
Some examples of ways to keep ferrets entertained:

Ferret Noises Watch Out!

Do You Have Kids? Kids and Ferrets

Seroius concerns about children under 6 with ferrets in the home (even with adult supervision):

When to Take Your Ferret to the Vet

Recipe for "Duck Soup" (or, as we call it, "Dook Soup")

Ferrets who are ill or having problems often have trouble eating. And ferrets who have blood sugar problems (such as those caused by insulinomas) need to be given regular snacks throughout the day. It's often recommended to make a soft food for these purposes. This is our recipe for "Duck Soup" to feed to ferrets who need it, and most ferrets really like it.


Cut up and cook chicken. Combine all ingredients. Puree in food processor until creamy. Keep what you need in refrigerator. Freeze the rest in containers & thaw as necessary.

HOW TO SERVE: Take a teaspoonful or tablespoon out and place in container. Add warm water until it makes a "soupy broth". Then serve warm.