Support our resident ferrets with health issues

Our sponsorship program offers those who would like to help on a regular basis, but don't have the space to either house a ferret or provide a forever home, a way to connect with a needy ferret.
All of our sponsors will receive a listing on our Sponsor Page, which will include the sponsor's name, level of sponsorship, and the name of the ferret being sponsored. If you would prefer to remain anonymous, we will list your name as Anonymous, though the level and the ferret's name will still be displayed.
Listed below are the levels of sponsorship. You may contact us via phone at 253-797-9115 or regarding the level of sponsorship you would like to provide, or use the Pay Pal shopping cart provided, which creates a monthly recurring payment--just remember to provide your name (or Anonymous) and the ferret's name.
The information we will need for your sponsorship is:
Sponsorship Levels
Ferret name, and your name!

Dooker Level:  $15.00 a month

This covers food, litter, hammies, blankies, toys, and their yearly wellness check. The sponsor will receive a monthly update on their sponsored ferret's antics and accomplishments via email.

Dooker Delight Level:  $20.00 a month

This covers everything listed in the Dooker Level plus annual shots and any short term medications to treat medical issues the ferret may develop. The sponsor will receive a monthly update on their ferret's antics and accomplishments and a photo of the month via email.

Delightful Dooker Level:  $25.00 or more a month

This level covers all the items listed in the Dooker and Dooker Delight levels plus defraying the cost of long term medications, multi-annual medical check ups depending on the ferret's condition, and any tests or surgeries necessary to maintain the health of the ferret. The sponsor will receive a monthly update on the ferret's medical progress, antics, and accomplishments, a photo of the month, and the sponsor's name listed on the name card attached to the sponsored ferret's cage for all volunteers and prospective adopters to view.

We have a handy PDF form if you'd like to fill that out:


And if you need to stop your PayPal subscription for your sponsorship, here's an easy button for that: