Surrendering a Ferret to Denise's Delightful Dookers Ferret Rescue

If you need to surrender your ferret(s) and would like to place them with us, please use our Surrender Form. We recommend that you read the information below before submitting your request.

DDDFR is in existence because there are times when ferret owners find that they can no longer provide a suitable home for their ferrets. In a perfect world, all ferrets would be in the perfect home, but we understand that sometimes circumstances occur that place an owner in a situation where they can no longer provide that perfect home.

DDDFR is not judgmental to these situations. We applaud owners for coming to us for help, rather than turning to irresponsible decisions such as euthanasia or abandonment. (Ferrets cannot survive out of human captivity. Never release a ferret outdoors if you cannot keep it!) Even giving your ferret to an acquaintance or putting an ad in a newspaper is not necessarily going to provide a suitable home for your ferret(s). By relinquishing your ferret to DDDFR, we will do everything we can to place your ferret into the very best home. We are experienced in screening adoption applicants and we will provide the best of care while your ferrets are awaiting their forever home.

Is Surrender the RIGHT Thing to Do?

People surrender ferrets to ferret shelters for many different reasons. Sometimes, an owner's lifestyle has changed and they feel that they are no longer able to provide the best home for their ferret, other times extenuating circumstances happen making an owner unable to keep his or her ferrets. Another common reason for surrender is that the owner wasn't fully aware of the needs of a ferret prior to acquiring it, and isn't able to provide the best environment. No matter the cause, the underlying reason we hear from an owner who is surrendering is "I cannot provide the best home for this ferret anymore."

However, this is not necessarily always the case. Years of experience has shown us that even when an owner feels they no longer have the best home, it really is the only home that their ferret can thrive in. We ask that you please consider the following prior to contacting us regarding ferret placement:

Understand that the last thing that we want is for an owner who is unable to provide a good home for their ferret to keep it - but, if there is a way to make the situation work for both you and your ferret, please let us help. For more information about shelter shock and alternatives to surrender, please contact us and we can work together to determine what the best solution is for you and your ferret. It may turn out that surrender is indeed the right thing to do.

Surrendering a Ferret

If surrender is your only option, we are here to help. We will take in any ferret in need.

To surrender a ferret, simply complete our Surrender Form. When filling out this form, please provide complete information, including the name(s) and age(s) of the ferret(s) you are surrendering. Age is VERY important, so please try to provide as accurate an age as possible. We also need to know as much detailed information as you can provide such as if your ferret(s) lived in a cage or lived with other pets; if they have ANY medical issues; and very important is the exact brand of food that they were used to eating. We do have some requirements for owners wishing to surrender their ferret(s) to us.