Traveling to China during the pandemic: here what to watch

Traveling to China, So, you’re thinking of hitting up China, but with all this Covid stuff going on, it’s a bit tricky. Don’t worry; we’ve got the lowdown on what you need to know before you hop on that plane. China’s got ancient wonders, bustling cities, and a whole lot more, but let’s break down the deets for your Covid-conscious adventure. koin303

Traveling to China : Figuring Out China’s Covid Game Plan

China was where this whole Covid thing started, and they’ve been playing defense ever since. Lockdowns helped at first, but now they’re going for that “zero Covid” strategy. That means they’re still pretty strict about who gets to come in.

Traveling to China during the pandemic: here what to watch

Traveling to China : Getting In – New Rules Alert!

So, here’s the scoop as of June 28 – China’s shaking things up. Forget the old 14-day quarantine; now, it’s a “seven plus three” deal. One week of chilling in a hotel and three more days watching from home. It’s like a Covid-friendly welcome party.

Traveling to China : Dive into China’s Awesome History and More!

China’s not just the Great Wall and the Terracotta Warriors; it’s a whole ancient civilization package deal. They gave us paper, printing, and tea, and that’s just the tip of the historical iceberg. But don’t be fooled; it’s not stuck in the past. Modern China is all about skyscrapers and buzzing cities.

Who’s Allowed to Join the China Party?

As of March 2020, China slammed its doors shut. But hold up – there might be some hope. If you’re part of an organized tour group from China’s border areas, you could be in luck. Just keep in mind, it’s about group vibes, not solo adventures.

Navigating Rules and Covid Tests

Good news for folks from the US and Canada – no more PCR test a week before your flight. But don’t ditch the masks just yet. Two PCR tests and an antigen test are still on the checklist. Also, you need those double Covid shots, a visa, and proof of vaccination. It’s like paperwork but for a cool trip.

Landing in China – What to Expect?

Touchdown! But wait, there’s more screening at the airport. If you fail the checks, it’s off to government facilities. And depending on the province, there might be extra quarantine time. So, keep those masks handy, and follow the rules for a smooth adventure.

Going to China during Covid means knowing the entry rules, doing the tests, and rolling with the changes. But once you’re in, get ready to soak in the incredible mix of ancient wonders and modern vibes. Safe travels!